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CrossFit Nuketown was the first CrossFit gym in Baxley, GA. It was founded by a member of the United States Army, former Olympic-level Taekwondo athlete, and Fitness Professional with 20 years experience. The small town and tight-knit community of Baxley was chosen for this endeavor so the owner could be near his grade-school-age son. After many years spent away for competitions, military duties, and work, it was time to come home.

When you walk inside, you can expect to find a group of regular people, putting forth consistent effort to be better than they were yesterday. Regular people who’ve decided that “next year” is not good enough, and “someday” is not a day of the week. Our number 1 goal is to help you safely reach your goals… Whether it’s getting you back into your high school blue jeans, being comfortable in your own skin, or athletes who are looking for an edge on the field. All are treated equally here. You will look in shape because you will learn what it takes to be in great shape.

We understand that the hardest thing is walk through the front door, but our members feel at home at Nuketown, and we are confident that in time, you will too.

Our training philosophy uses scientifically proven strength and conditioning principles to provide an environment that stimulates positive adaptation over time. It is not a quick fix, or a magic pill. This process creates gradual, yet permanent, change. Unlike many other programs, safety and precision are of utmost importance here. We ensure proper mechanics can be executed consistently before we add relative intensity.

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Jonathan FennellOwner | Head Coach & Programming
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